Commercial Cleaning Services

Acoustic Ceiling Cleaning

Over time, acoustic ceiling tiles and panels can get quite dirty, even when the rest of your building is regularly maintained. After years of exposure to airborne pollutants, the tiles collect dust, smoke, and bacteria, leaving them looking dull and causing a health hazard for building occupants.

Special Surface Restorations is here to help. We will clean and restore your ceilings so they look brand new at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Acoustic Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning Ontario

Warehouse Cleaning

Commercial warehouse cleaning is essential if you own or lease a warehouse space in order to present a professional image to your clients. Your storage areas can quickly accumulate dirt, which will then damage your stored goods.

Our professional staff will quickly and effectively clean your industrial warehouse and keep it looking presentable.

We clean all kinds of surfaces!

Surprisingly Fast and Effective!

Teflon Ceiling Cleaning


PVC Ceiling Cleaners


No Business Disruptions for Your Customers!

Wood Panel Ceiling Cleaner


Glass Ceiling Cleaning


No Damage to Your Ceilings or Walls. No Mess. No Lasting Odors.

Environmentally Friendly!

With our environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, you can rest assured that we have your health at the top of our list.

Our special eco-friendly mixture of 18 different solutions removes stains and pollutants without any toxic hazards. We do this all without damaging any of the surfaces and with no lasting odours.

Surface Restoration

Our cleaning services also extend to a variety of different surfaces. We remove bacteria, fungi, and stains from walls, ducts, vents, stainless steel surfaces and so much more. We can clean hard to remove grease stains from kitchens and restaurant equipment.

Let us clean your medical office, veterinary clinic, movie theatre, office building, supermarket, or factory.


Brighten Your Building

Clean surfaces brighten the entire building, both in and outside. They make a much more positive impression on customers and improve the professionalism of any business.


Improve Safety

Surface cleaning reduces allergy symptoms and can contribute to lowered workplace absenteeism. Clean surfaces also improve the fire rating of your building by reducing combustible particles.