Acoustic Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Ceilings are difficult for maintenance staff to reach, so they typically don’t get cleaned as part of regular janitorial services. Yet, ceiling cleaning is a vital part of building maintenance.

Many buildings have thousands of individual acoustic ceiling tiles (also known as drop ceiling tiles or suspended ceiling tiles), so cleaning them is a big job and requires professional ceiling cleaners to do the job well.

Special Surface Restorations is here to help. We make your ceilings look new again without repainting or replacing them and for a fraction of the costs.

Acoustic Ceiling Tile Cleaning

We clean acoustical ceilings and restore them to their brand new state!

Cleaning Drop Ceiling Tiles

With our proprietary cleaning solution of 18 eco-friendly products and our staff’s expert knowledge, we get the job done quickly and effectively.

Our highly trained staff will remove any buildup, leaving behind immaculate ceilings with no interruptions to your business and no mess left behind.

Save money and time by hiring us to clean your acoustical ceiling tiles. We recommend a maintenance schedule of two to four times per year.

Avoid Repainting Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

The costs of having ceiling tiles repainted can really add up. Repainting is also quite the job and interrupts business as usual. Because the paint simply covers up the dirt and does not remove it, the paint eventually begins to peel and needs repainting again.

Additionally, many paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to poor air quality for staff and customers. It is best to avoid painting altogether not only to save on unnecessary costs, but to preserve the health of building occupants.

Ceiling cleaning is a less costly, healthier, and a much more effective solution to acoustical ceiling maintenance.

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Improve Your Building’s Fire Rating

Importance of Ceiling Cleaning

Painting the acoustic tiles also reduces their fire-resistant properties, placing your building and its employees at risk.

The particles that acoustical ceilings accumulate are oftentimes combustible. If left uncleaned, these present an invisible fire hazard for your building.

Keeping your ceiling tiles clear of dust and grease improves the fire rating of your building and protects its occupants.

No Need to Replace Ceiling Tiles

Replacing ceiling tiles is wasteful and can be very expensive, not to mention inconvenient. Buildings contain thousands of individual ceiling tiles, so replacing all of them can take a very long time.

Each year, millions of ceiling tiles end up in the dump. This immense amount of waste is unnecessary when cleaning can so easily extend the lifespan of ceiling tiles.

It is much more efficient and environmentally friendly to restore the ceiling tiles that are already in place.

SSR ceiling cleaning can save you up to 80% of the costs of replacing ceiling tiles and in much less time.

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Reduce Noise Levels

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Acoustical ceiling tiles are specially designed to absorb sound and control noise levels.

When dirt and pollutants build up on acoustical ceiling tiles, they lose their acoustical value. Painting over them also damages their ability to absorb sound, defeating the purpose of acoustical ceilings in the first place.

SSR’s ceiling cleaning services can fully restore the acoustic value of your ceiling tiles, which will noticeably reduce the level of noise in your building.

Not only will your building be cleaner, it will be much quieter and employees will find it easier to concentrate.

Brighten Your Building

Because dirt accumulates slowly, over time, it’s easy not to notice how dull and dim a room has become when its ceilings are coated in dirt. Acoustical ceilings are designed to cast light into the room, but if the tiles are dirty, they can no longer do this effectively.

Clean ceilings improve the lighting of your building by as much as 60% by removing the grime that interfere with their light reflecting properties.

With clean ceilings, your building will look more luminous and feel more inviting to staff and customers.

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