Warehouse Cleaning

SSR offers you a team of cleaning specialists who are expertly trained to thoroughly and effectively clean any industrial setting.

A dirty, dingy warehouse space is undesirable for a high quality, professional business. Proper sanitation and presentability is very important to a successful business. Good warehousekeeping results in better customer service, better inventory management, and improved worker safety.

We serve various industries in and around Toronto, including private and commercial storage facilities, industrial warehouses, commercial factories, car dealerships, and more.

Warehouse Cleaning Ontario

Industrial and Commercial Warehouse Cleaning of All Sizes

Factory Ceiling Cleaners

No warehouse is too big or too small. We can work in confined spaces, low heights, and small areas. We can also handle your biggest jobs, even up to tens of thousands of square feet.

We clean and disinfect walls, floors, overhead pipes, rafters, ducts, tops of lights, equipment, crossbeams, and everything else in your factory or warehouse.

Whether you need a thorough, deep clean in between tenants or regular warehouse maintenance, SSR can handle the task. With our special cleaning solutions, we will leave your warehouse impeccably clean and help you maintain the highest standards for your business.

Maintain High Industry Standards

Ontario building codes require mandatory inspections for industrial and commercial warehouses. They must be clean, tidy, and free of flammable or hazardous materials.

SSR keeps your warehouse spaces free of contaminants, stains and dust buildup, helping you maintain the highest sanitation standards.

Keep your work environment safe and sanitized for your employees and customers with regular, professional cleaning.

Ontario Warehouse Building Inspection

Protect Warehouse Contents

Industrial Cleaning Company

Your warehouse stores valuable merchandise and items that need to be treated with care. Warehouse stock is often exposed to all kinds of pollutants during transportation.

When these items are then stored in a warehouse that isn’t regularly cleaned, you risk cross-contamination.

Exposing them to dust, petrochemicals, and other pollutants can damage them, so it’s important to keep a clean warehouse and protect its contents.

Declutter and Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Messy warehouse aisles pose safety hazards and affect the throughput rate for warehouse workers, which impacts your profit margins. Warehouse cleaning encourages you to reduce clutter and increase productivity.

A warehouse needs to be organized and tidied in order to be properly cleaned. What better way to get your inventory in order than to establish a regular warehouse maintenance routine. Picking processes and item retrieval is so much easier with an orderly and clean space and it will save you time and money.

Warehouse Cleaning in Toronto